For Talaweit’s dream to come through (to become No. One National NGO in Sudan), the organization  would  work on adopting all the elements of an effectively managed organization (EEMO), which comprise the following:  a)  having  a clear mission, that is unanimously agreed upon;  b)  having  agreed target group/s;  c)  a strategic plan and annual work plans;  d)  consensus over resources allocation strategies;  d)  a  clear administrative structure vis-à-vis roles, functions and decision-making process;  e) policies and administrative systems in place;  f)  adequate number of employees, beside ability to attract and retain qualified personnel;  g)  continuous capacity building for its employees and volunteers;  and,  h)  acknowledgement of contributions made by individuals  and appreciation of these contribution by all parties. The organization  needs to  keep accurate financial  records, adopt good systems for financial management,  efficient use of appropriate modern technology, adoption of an advanced administrative
information system,  designing of  realistic programs for resources development in the  short and long terms, commitment to quality and exerting effort to meet and satisfy the needs of its clientele  through the implementation of highly efficient and effective  programs that are continuously evaluated. To reap the fruits of an effectively managed organization, TOD will be keen  to perform its duties in a positive environment, in which the individuals freely voice out their views and differ on them, use an effective system for problem analysis, run good meetings for the administration,  provide rewards and incentives for creativity, be keen to encourage and retain team spirit among its employees, adopt effective systems to support formal and informal communication. As for leadership, the organization will ensure operation under an efficient management, where the management team will bear the responsibility of creating an environment in which the employees and volunteers feel that their efforts are appreciated and motivated. Leadership in the organization will be a common function, to which many  persons will contribute,  and the Executive Manager  would  set an example of an  effective leader by ensuring that the Board of Directors (or executive committee) would provide good and necessary support  when needed.  The organization aspires to play a leading role in the  local  community  through the adoption of the issues in which the
communities are interested, cooperates with the partners who provide similar services,
3. Statement of Vision, Values and Mission
Talaweit Being No. One
National NGO in Sudan
Strategic Plan for Talawiet Organization for Development (TOD), 2016 – 2020  Page 20
in addition to building of strong, wide and good relationships with the related
government bodies, local and foreign donors, all stakeholders and partners and similar